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    Adobe Flash Player 13 hangs up on 50% download when installing.


      Hello. I have searched the forums and can't figure this out.


      I have 3 Mac computers. 2 2013 Macbook Air Laptops and a Mac Mini connected to a monitor used as a desktop. I can not install Adobe Flash Player on the Mac Mini no matter what I do. All 3 computers have the new Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9- and are fully updated. The laptops have no issue. But every single time I need to see something in flash it notes how it is not installed on my computer, I follow the steps to download, I exit out of everything, I go to install, and after it starts downloading as soon as it hits 50% it hangs up and won't install. I even saw it was an issue and followed Adobe's steps to right click, show contents, and go that rout, but the .pkg file is NOT in the resources file for Adobe 13 the way it is shown in the instructions. When I try to install Flash 12 or Flash 11 it won't let me because it says those versions are not comparable with my machine.


      Is there any advice that works with the latest release that I can try or is this not an obvious fix.