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    brush strokes in photoshoshop turn jack a few seconds, please help

    ambernism Level 1

      Hi everyone, I use ASUS ep121 (tabletpc with stylus)

      It came with 64GB harddisk, Ram 4 GB (now it's about 33 GB space left)

      Photoshop is the biggest program on it

      everything works fine for a year until yesterday, I don't think I change any setting

      but when I drawing on photoshop cs 6, brush strokes turn jack a few seconds and suddenly turn back to normal


      Here is what I tried already

      - clear files in my computer and defragment, tried to make computer faster

      - check the preferences > performance > memory usage >

      available ram : 1662MB // Ideal Range 914-1196 MB Let photoshop use 997 MB (60%)

      I don't know if this number here is not enough for photoshop?

      (my computer is ASUS ep121 and it's 64GB harddisk with Ram 4 GB, i use it for a year and it's about 33 GB space left)


      - update wacom driver

      - update intel Graphic card driver

      - uninstall and install Photoshop


      I tried on other painting programs I have (corel painter and Sai) and the stroke is fine (or I didn't detect any jack there)

      but when I come back to Photoshop, it just happen like this

      It will happen randomly when I drawing, I notice it will be more jack when I did a short quick stroke

      sometimes the stroke become straight line, sometimes it become a single dot



      I have no idea what's going on, anyone please help