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    Audio keeps playing even when it doesn't show on timeline

    UntoldAnimations Level 1

      Right, so this is my situation. I have a piece of music (3 minutes long) and I want to use a portion of that in an animation.

      I made a separate layer for music only and added a keyframe. I dragged the music from the library on to the stage. The music worked and started playing. But I don't want to use all of it, so I made another keyframe to contain the music. The little red audio wave thing showed that it was only in between those two keyframes, but the music kept playing even after the second keyframe, despite that the audio wave ended beforehand. Even if I remove the frames after the second keyframe it still plays.




      Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 12.32.45.png


      This is what it looks like. See how before the keyframe in the middle there's a red thing indicating sound, but after it's gone. Yeah, the audio still plays after that.


      And ideas? Thanks