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    Can anybody help me set this code into an array?

    jamesfootlight Level 1

      Thanks, can you help me understand how to make an array work?


      I need to fade toggle a different country png for each country button and fade out the rest of the country images i.e.: when i click the UK button i need to fade toggle the UK png and fade out the other countries

      when i click the USA button i need to fade toggle the USA ing and fade out the other countries and so on


      sym.getSymbol("Countries").$("UK").fadeToggle();sym.getSymbol("Countries").$("USA","AUS","Hongkong","Switzerland","Ireland","Indias","Japa n","Netherlands","Spain").fadeOut();



      sym.getSymbol("Countries").$("USA").fadeToggle();sym.getSymbol("Countries").$("UK","AUS","Hongkong","Switzerland","Ireland","Indias","Japan ","Netherlands","Spain").fadeOut();


      but it doesn't seem to work how i have it and i have been told to do an array but I'm not sure how?


      Project here if you want to have a look:

      Dropbox - Countries.zip

      can you help?