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    Flex TurboGears HTTPService URL ='http://...'

      I am trying out the SWF application described in http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/eckel_video.html (the one using Turbogears as the data provider.
      The SWF compiles ok, but when I run it using the flash player on my Mac, I get security errors trying to invoke the TG controller, which is specified in the MXML file as :
      <mx:HTTPService id="getSrv" url=" http://localhost:8888/?tg_format=json" resultFormat="text" result="handleGetResult()" />

      I use the option
      on my mxmlc compile, and yet I get the error

      RPC Fault faultString="Security error accessing url" faultCode="Channel.Security.Error" faultDetail="Destination: DefaultHTTP"]
      at mx.rpc::AbstractInvoker/ http://www.adobe.com/2006/flex/mx/internal::faultHandler()
      at mx.rpc::Responder/fault()
      at mx.rpc::AsyncRequest/fault()
      at ::DirectHTTPMessageResponder/securityErrorHandler()
      at flash.events::EventDispatcher/flash.events:EventDispatcher::dispatchEventFunction()
      at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
      at flash.net::URLLoader/flash.net:URLLoader::redirectEvent()

      which looks like a security error on the invocation of the URL

      Woul danyone be able to tell me what I can do to correct this?

      thanks muchlies