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    Problems with Flash CC user interface. Mainly I can't seem to click certain buttons and input fields on various modal windows. (eg. Scale and Rotate, Sound Properties,

    JRVisuals Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues like this. I'm basically finding that a bunch of different buttons, fields, and tabs do not respond to my clicks. This seems to be spread out throughout the application.


      I've had to work around most of this by using the tab and arrow keys to navigate around modal buttons and fields... but it is a bit of a pain.


      There are some parts of the interface that can't be accessed via tabs and arrow keys... for example the ActionScript Tab on the Sound Properties window... there's no way to get to that... and clicking the tab itself does nothing, although I can see that the rollover state of the tab is activated.


      I've ended up having to run Flash CS6 in order to set the export classes of sound files and that's a bigger pain.


      Similar UI issues exist with other things... for example the color picker (eye dropper) seems to pick colors near, but not directly under itself.


      I'll be honest... I'm running on Windows 7... via boot camp... on a Mac Book Pro with retina display... so the issues could stem from this combination. However... Flash CS6 does not have any of these issues... so I can only think that it is a Flash CC issue.


      I appreciate any input you can provide. ( Although the obvious "run it on OSX instead" or "just use CS6" aren't the kinds of answers I'm looking for. I have my reasons for the setup. )





                             - JR