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    Preloader Freezes, then 'Unresponsive Script' Warning


      Hi folks-


      This is my first Edge Animate project.


      I have created a simple cross-fading 'slide show' with moving text overlays using the most recent upgrade of Edge Animate 3.0.0.  8 slides.  The stage isn't that huge: 748x334 pixels.  There is one .png overlay with a transparent interior to create the framing; the 8 slides revealed underneath are all Q50 'saved for web' jpgs averaging under 40kB each.  I have used one of the simple preloaders in the included library and published for web.


      My problem presents regardless of which browser I use (tried the latest versions of Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome and Opera), and whether I run the published .html solo (hosted on my server), or embedded in the final web page it's destined for.  Also, I get the same result when I use Ctrl-Enter from within Edge Animate to preview in my default browser (Firefox).


      The problem is that the preloader gif only runs briefly, then freezes, followed by up to a minute of waiting (sometimes even more) before the first slide appears and the animation begins.  Solo'd, it's just the frozen animated gif during the wait.  Embedded in the final web page, the whole page, including navigation, is unresponsive until after the wait is over.


      Depending on the browser, I will get various warnings.  In Firefox I get the 'Unresponsive Script' warning and it identifies the unresponsive scripts as:










      Sometimes I've selected 'cancel script'; sometimes I've selected 'wait for script to finish';  it doesn't seem to matter which one I select.  Sometimes it works immediately after making either selection;  In some cases I get the warning message 2-3 times before it finally works.


      I've tried both hosting the runtime files myself and on Adobe CDN.  I've also tried 'Immediate' and 'Polite' for the preloader.  It makes no difference.


      I've also disabled all add-ons in Firefox and the result is the same, though it may take less time to recover from the freeze.


      I ran a speed test and my current download speed is 13mbps, so I can't believe my paltry image files are taking this long to load...and even if they were, shouldn't the preloader continue to animate during the load?


      Has anyone else seen this behavior? I sure am hoping for a solution~!


      When I created something similar to this in Flash a couple years ago, it didn't even need a preloader it loaded up and ran so fast...


      Quite Puzzled,



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          hi bOB,


          I know your post has been long time ago, however recently I'm having the same issue you had, except the errors messages you're getting, my preloader stays at the same point unless I hit reload page on the browser and finally loads it. Are you still having the preloader issue even with the most recent Edge Animate version?