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    attempting to load extrnal xml into mc text field on rollover

      I might be making a simple mistake, I am pretty new to actionscript and am scavanging code from all over the place to create the effect I am after. But I guess that is the best way to learn.

      What I am trying to do is take some data from xml and put it into a movie clip (linkage name of butTemp) text field (with the instance name of but_txt). the xml is very simple. It is basically <nav><but text="Contact"></but></nav>

      the code for actionscript I will attach, and it is a working model I am basing on Swinburns tutorial. This all works, but what I want to do and am mashing my head over is trying to turn the mcbutton with the instance name into a roll-over with an up-over-and out state. I cant for the life of me to get the text to appear in the text field only in the over state. I have tried the onRollOver seemingly several hundred different ways and find myself pleading for your advice.