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    Tracing an image


      I am currently taking class in Photoshop and since I am trying to familiarize myself with Photoshop so I played with tracing an image (Super Mario). I am curious how would someone who is not capable of drawing by hand draw Mario in Photoshop? Class I am taking is not art class so I dont think teacher is expecting us to be able to draw things in photoshop without actually tracing an image.

      Anyway I traced part of Mario but noticed that since I am using pen tool and there are lot of point that curves are not as smooth as they should be. Is there anyone who can suggest more sophisticated way of creating this character in Photoshop. I attached my image Super_Mario-Tracing.jpg so  if someone would like to take a look I would appreciate it.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Familiarize yourself with using the path tangent handles to control curvature instead of just drawing linear segments.



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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            You know I would have said that was done with the lassoo tool if the OP had not specifically mentioned the Pen tool.


            Anyway young Scribor2, all is not lost.  With the Pen tool selected, hover one of the point on your work path.  If no points are visible, hold down the Ctrl (Cmd) key and drag a window across any corner, which will make the points appear. Now release the Ctrl (Cmd) key, hover directly over a point, and hold down the Alt (Opt) key.  The cursor will change to the 'Convert Corner' icon, so just drag, which will cause the handles mentioned in the above post to appear.  You'll have no trouble working it out from there.

            Pen Tool Icons.jpg

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              stribor-stribor Level 1

              Much appreciated Trevor. Now I have questions regarding drawing things in Photoshop. If you were given a task to create super mario how would you do it. Would you trace it like i did with Bezier or would you make selections on image (say hat) and then copy it into another layer? How would you do it?

              Reason I ask is because I am seriously "disadvantaged" for any drawing by hand and therefore I am assuming  in Photoshop as well.

              Thanks Trevor

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                davidc1815 Level 4

                If you want to make a pen or pencil line drawing of an existing image you can:


                Filter>Stylize>Glowing edges

                Image>Adjustment>Desaturate then (same route)>Invert


                Then use Levels and Selective Colour to remove greys you don't want or darken greys you do want.