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    custom scripted actions for frame-by-frame animation

    David BK



      I'm looking into creating some custom actions for navigating Photoshop's timeline for 2D animation. My goal is to create two hot-keys (F1/F2) that move forward/backward on the timeline, and snap to the start of each layer whilst selecting the layer at the same time (see the image).


      Using the Alt + ] shortcut allows you to select the next layer, but unfortunately the play-head does not follow. Conversely, the left/right arrows allow you to move the play-head one frame at a time, but it does not select the layers while doing so. My goal is to combine the two functions so that I don't need to perform any mouse actions.


      The tricky part is that each layer will have a different length, so I need to move the play-head to the next LAYER (not the next FRAME). Here's how I think the script/action should operate: select the layer above, determine the start time of that layer, go to that time. I have no idea how to obtain the start time of a layer through script though...


      Any advice or links would help.