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    Putting MXML Application in a sub-directory of the web-application root

      I need to create an MXML Application under app/std sub-directory of my webapplication root. This folder app/std/ also contains a MXML Component called MyLayout.mxml which I want to instantiate within my MXML Application.

      The problem here is that when I put the following line of code in the script block of my MXML Application, I get compilation error from the FDS web compiler(I am requesting this application through browser as index.mxml) saying

      Call to a possibly undefined method MyLayout.

      this.aChlidObject = new app.std.MyLayout();

      However, I noticed that if I use

      this.aChlidObject = new MyLayout() it works.

      But, previously with Flex 1.5 I was able to do

      createChild(app.std.MyLayout , "aChildObject", initProps); .

      Is this a some kind of bug in Flex 2 ?