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    New Work Station Issue with Software


      I just replaced my secondary work station. I loaded Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere and I noticed that the start-up icon is different from the one that is on the main work station. It has the CC added to it.

      I have both work stations linked to a server so I can open the projects on either computer and they are updated.


      When I tried to open a AE project on the secondary computer it gave me an update project prompt and I had to re-save. It also unlink a bunch of files but I fixed it.


      Big surprise when I opened PP - asked to update and unlinked half the clips in the project which are in probably 10 different folders.


      Obviously the main work station is not running software labeled CC.


      Can I load the non CC version of the software on new machine as a quick fix?



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >not running software labeled CC


          Well, what version IS it running?


          The Adobe license allows installing & activating on 2 computers... be careful which direction you go... newer PROJECT files will not always open in older software

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            Millerjs Level 1

            I cannot get on the main computer until tomorrow.


            I have had 2 computers running with the CC since the program started. Neither computer displayed the CC logo when the software opened. When the cloud started both computer were loaded from scratch and over the past year and half the software always updates.


            I had no idea - CC version. Hope that helps.


            No problem with updating software - not sure why files are unlinking from computer to computer since they are mirrors from the server.