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    Specify the name of a field in FormsCentral




      I would like to make a PDF form using FormsCentral. I then want to be able to auto-fill that PDF file using an XFDF file. In order to efficiently do that I need to be able to change the names FormsCentral assigns to fields. Is this possible?


      Currently, if I have a field with a label like 'Full Name', FormsCentral will assign a field name like 'Full Name_dflgkjh430987fdg489745' and I then have to go into a 3rd party editor and change them to logical things like 'fullName'. This is a real pain as I have to re-do it every time the FormsCentral file is edited.


      This seems like such a simple request but FormsCentral seems to have no options to do anything like this. Am I missing something?


      Help would be much appreciated!