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    Can an ISP block data coming into a flex app?

      I am currently developing a room booking application.

      It draws data from web services built in asp.net hosted on the same server.
      Now, on mine and most of the machines I have tested on the application and the data comes in no problem.
      However, in a couple of cases, no data is coming into the flex app. Also no
      For the life of me I can't fathom why,

      I'm pretty sure it isn't :
      a) a broswer issue.
      b) a flash player issue - all systems have had version 9.0.28 installed.
      c) not an OS issue.

      The only thing I could possible think of is that it could be related to either
      the ISP or the router being used.
      It this possible? Can the data be blocked?

      Has anyone had a similar situation?
      What other measures can I take to determine what is happening?
      Any help appreciated.