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    The XmlFormService process gives following warning when generating pdf output.

    Bolagsverket Level 1

      I get the following warning i my server.log when "converting" xml to pdf(generatePDFOutput). Running lc es4 sp1, jboss 5.2.0, java 1.7.0_25, suse linux 11 sp2.


      2014-05-19 08:38:05,649 WARN  [com.adobe.service.J2EEConnectionFactoryManagerPeerImpl] (WorkerThread#0[]) Service: XMLFormService resource: ProcessResource@59a6bbcd(name=XMLForm.exe,pid=25053) could not schedule an interrupt for transaction: TransactionImple < ac, BasicAction: -53eba403:c6dc:5379a4b8:1a30 status: ActionStatus.RUNNING > because excessive time was spent waiting in queue. Supplied timeout: 0s, Wait adjustment: 0s, Effective timeout: 0s.


      Any idea why i get this warning?