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    FormsCentral down

    Ahorro Corporación IT

      In the last month, we have been unable to reach FormsCentral at least three times, due to maintenance, last one half an hour ago.


      As we offer our forms to clients to keep track of their preferences for a close event, even small failures of service can make us lose those clients.

      But we have been reported from our FormsCentral user that last thursday (May 15th) it was impossible to access the forms for all the day (Spanish working hours, he tried at different times along the day). And that is unacceptable; we became clients of FormCentral because we were very confident that Adobe would have a proper service, with system redundancy and load balancing able to keep it online at any time.


      Is there any way that, at least, we can be warned that your systems are down to notify our clients and avoid losing their answers, rather than finding it for ourselves?



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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          We are very sorry for the interruptions in service you have experience in the past month. Be assured that the team at Adobe is taking steps to minimize these going forward. Under normal circumstances you would be able to come here to the forums and we would post information about any ongoing outage. At the present time we have no system to actively notify users of unplanned system down time.



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            I am really worried about signing up for a year subscription if your service is not going to be available. I paid for a new copy of Adobe 11 so that I could have forms central. This is terrible service and now workspaces does not work right either. We are supposed to be able to get a free upgrade of livecycle and that won't work either with the 11 upgrade. I am really disappointed in Adobe right now.