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    10 bit monitor option without Quadro

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      Hi All,


      The Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 is considerably more powerful in many ways than the NVIDIA Quadro K4000 and about £350 cheaper. For Video work this is accepted but I also edit in Photoshop,  where the handling of 10 bits [K4000] would be a definite advantage.


      Would anyone know if there is a PCIe card that can be added to provide 10 bit monitor output whilst maintaining the superior performance of the 780.


      I use an Asus P9X79-E WS MB with 32 Gb of Dominator Platinum DDR3  installed, so I don't believe slot suitability or memory should be an issue.


      Best Regards,




      As a footnote I'm not interested in 3D Graphics or Cad, just Video/Still editing and the usual MS Office Apps.