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    Adobe Premiere Pro CC crush - no Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration (OPEN CL)

    giacomonovara Level 1

      I was an happy customer of Adobe CC till few days ago.

      It were a few weeks I did not update the software in CC due to a problem with connection.

      Needed to use Premiere Pro CC. It always crushes my MacBook Pro retina 2012 (16 giga ram) during export of the video. The monitor became black and there was no way to restart.

      The Macbook worked smoothly with all the other softwares. Deleted CC and reinstalled everything, which was quit painful. However, at the end of the day, Premiere Pro CC works but I cannot use Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (open CL) which I used all the times before with huge advantage (exporting a 1 minute video in good quality needed 2 minutes with GPU accelerator, 20 minutes without).

      When I open old project of Premiere Pro cc I read this message "this project was last used with Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration (OPEN CL), which is either not available or not certified on this system. Mercury Playback Engine software only will be used". There is no way to change the rendered from Project setting - Mercury Playback Engine software is the only option.  

      My question: is it a problem with Adobe Premiere Pro CC or with my graphic?