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    Flash installed successfully on Mac but not working



      I am going round and round in circles here. I tried to use Sky Sports Score Centre at the weekend and received the following message 'You need flash player 9 or greater to view this content. You can download the latest flash player plugin here.


      I had never uninstalled Flash, but I upgraded regardless. During initial installations I kept getting a message to close Safari even through Safari was already closed. I googled the issue and have gone through many cycles of deinstalling and reinstalling and clearing caches etc etc


      Anyway, now I have successfully managed to install the latest version of Flash, but when I go to use a site that uses Flash, it won't work. I get the same message as above about needing Flash 9 or greater


      Seriously painful as it's impacting children's games websites also which means I now have less peace and quiet!! (Flonga, CBBC etc)


      Can anyone help resolve this once and for all?


      Many thanks



      Using Mac Mini: Software  OS X 10.9.3 (13D65)