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    ISSUE: InDesign document automatically creating "imported" paragraph styles when you open the Layout.




      I have an InDesign layout that contains multiple boxes, which all have style sheets applied to them.

      There are a lot of unused styles on this layout too so these have been organised into folders.


      When I close it and re-open the document, it creates all of the styles on the document again at the root level (not in the folder). However, it does not create them correctly, it simply makes them 14pt Times New Roman....


      These styles look like they have been imported from Word (they have the little Floppy Disk icon next to their names). If you delete these and then save and re-open, they will be back there again.

      However, if I remove them from their folders and place them at the root level, upon saving and re-opening, they won't be re-created (assumably because it can't due to a name conflict).


      Any idea what would be causing it to want to create those styles every time?


      The styles it has created:

      Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.46.44.png