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    Re: "Fireworks can not run.The resource files are missing ordamaged"

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      I had the same problem on Win XP (Home) and Firework MX after a
      complete reinstall of my system.

      There might be two triggers for the problem

      1. I used my regular user account to install most of the programs and
      downgraded it afterwards to a limited user account! This seems to be a
      bad idea at all!!! Several programs (incl. Outlook, etc.) failed to
      start afterwards, because of corrupted user rights (i.e. no read/write
      access even for the owner of the files). Allways use an admin account
      for installing - don't change the rights of your regular account for

      2. I restored my old macromedia configuration files (located in "Lokale
      Einstellungen\<user>\Anwendungsdaten\Macromedia\Fireworks MX") by
      copying them directly or using the windows "sicherung" (ntbackup). I
      found that the user and group information for that files were empty!

      - I completely uninstalled the mx suite (probably fireworks would be
      enough) and in addition to that
      - removed all directories not deleted by the installer and
      - cleaned the registry manually from some "Fireworks" entries. !!Be
      careful with that!! Have a look at this reg-key first:

      You probably don't have to delete all the "Edit with Fireworks" entries
      and file associations.

      I hope this might help a little.

      By the way - I used the cygwin shell and the "ls", "chmod" and "chusr"
      commands to detect and change the user rights of files. This was the
      appropriate solution for the problems with all other programs.