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    Data Merge CSV w/ sub products


      I have followed the tutorials and I have successfully created a test catalog with a  product (name), item (product number) , description and image. Where I am lost is the item name or "Tool Name" may need to  have up to 12 variations. So Tool Name 1 will not have an item number but will have a description. However there will be only 1 picture associated with the 12 variations. Any assistance would be appreciatedindesign screen shot.pngidesign screen shot 2.pngexisting csv.png

      but what we would like is some version of this:

      new layout for csv.png


      ideally we would like to end up with this:


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          Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately, indesign by itself can't data merge like this. What you've described is a one-to-many database relationship (e.g. one product can have one – or many – variations). This prevents indesign's data merge from being able to produce richer content VDP such as utility bills, monthly invoice statements, etc. InDesign is great for one-to-one database relationship files (e.g. one client has one address and one phone number all stored in a table/spreadsheet row).


          I am unsure what third-party paid plug-ins may be able to achieve the result you are after but if there is one that can do this, that would be great.