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    Load or import custom style mapping in link options – is that possible somehow?

    wind-up bird

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm working with Instructions for Use and Technical Manual documents in InDesign. I'm constantly fine-tuning our templates, and now I have to refresh them again, because of a brand refresh. I'm using the Custom Style Mapping in the Link Options panel a lot, because it helps us to copy the text from older documents to the new ones with the right formatting, with less effort. The only thing I miss is the “Load/Import Custom Style Mapping” option from this panel.

      Do you know if there’s any options to export/import/load these mappings somehow from one document to another? Is it possible to write a script for that? I find this part of InDesign quite unattached, it seems to me (based on my search) that no other people are using it. I feel lonely, help me here!
      (I have created many new mappings in an older document, and I’d like to be able to use them in the new templates as well, but I can only do that if I map the styles again. And it’s quite time consuming. Maybe I'm just using too many paragraph styles, I have no idea – this could be another question: what is too much when it comes to styles...)

      Thanks a lot,