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    Centring and page orientation are greyed out when I 'print booklet' as PS file


      I am using CS5 (it's old, but hasn't given me any problems yet) and running OS Mavericks.


      I need to print and bind a 10x13cm book I am working on.

      The book will be bound in 16-page sections, so my aim is to produce one PDF for each 16-page section of the book.

      Each PDF page will consist of two-up print spreads (i.e. pages 1-16, then 2-15, then 3-14, etc.)

      As the book is smaller than A6, I can fit each spread on an A4 page, printed as 'landscape' orientation.

      I will then send this PDF to somebody who will then print it on his double sides laser printer on A4 sheets.

      I will fold, bind and trim the resulting pages and make a mock-up.


      My problem is this:

      > I go to "Print Booklet" and select "2-up saddle stitch" (this gives me the layout I need)

      > I click on "Print Settings" and select "PostScript file" from the drop down menu (I will later distill the PS file)


      However, when I go to Setup, the orientation and page position are all greyed out.

      Consequently, when I print and distill the PS file it is sitting at the bottom left of a 'portrait' sheet (not centred on the sheet)


      Do you know another way around this?

      If I print directly to my inkjet, then I can control all the centring, etc. but as I need to create a PDF to send to someone else, it isn't much help.


      Any help would be much appreciated!