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    where is Device Central that exist in CS5 in Cs6 ?

    Arioman Level 1

      in Adobe Flash Cs5 there is Device central to choose and test Air android with different resolution and brand


      but i cant find this on Flash CS6 !!


      so how can i test my Air 3.2 project in various resolutions and devices ??

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          sinious Most Valuable Participant

          Since you're using Android, although it's not quite as easy, you may want to consider using the Android SDK tools themselves to test on multiple emulated devices. It has a SDK manager to let you test against any Android OS you want on an actual emulated ARM core or it also has an Intel Atom x86 core (runs much faster on an x86 system) usually for each OS firmware version as well. It comes with some default configurations for devices but you're free to create your own device from the ground up. You then use the command line tools to install your APK into the emulator and then take it for a spin. You won't find better emulation than this.


          Here's the Nexus 7 default config running and I'm using the Intel Atom driver rather than the ARMv7 because ARM emulation is rather slow. You can even emulate cameras or use webcams for them, allow it to use your OpenGL capabilities, etc:




          Again as you can see I'm running the Nexus 7 on OS 4.2.2 using Intel Atom. You just select your configured profile and click "Start" and an emulator will come up.


          This all comes with the Android SDK which you can download here:

          Android SDK | Android Developers


          The device configuration panel is pretty comprehensive. First you configure a base device:




          Then based on that you can create variations:




          This lets you target very finely and get a real idea of how your app will work in many different OS's, hardware configs and several environment factors (low space, high space, fast/slow GPU, hardware controls, hardware keyboard, etc). Give it a shot!

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            Arioman Level 1

            thanks so much for take time and reply me with many useful information and Guide .


            Yes it seems that`s what i need and i will use it


            But specially for Design and see what happened to Graphics in different resolution Devices a android project in FlashCs6 i think it will be better to have a way to emulate and test project Direct from Flash and no need to compile apk and the open and run in Android Emulator .

            i think your Tips is very nice and perfect for Final Testing or From Half of project .

            Do you have any idea to how test a swf project in different resolution , Direct from Flash CS6 ?  it doesn't matter to be android or swf cause i want to only what happened to my graphics and other object when i use them on different device ( 320*240 , 800 * 480 , 1024 * 800 and ...)

            after i solve resolution problems then i can test script and camera and other Android Subjects


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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              I believe you'll need to set the physical dimensions in the apps XML file. The window will open to the resolution you specify (<width>1280</width><height>800</height>, etc), sort of a faux way to handle it. At that point you should be setting your stage scale to NO_SCALE and align to TOP_LEFT so the stage will grow to the size you specify in the XML.


              It will be 72/96DPI depending on your OS setting however so testing differences between LMHXH/DPI will be a bit of a challenge. I set a custom var that can override what density is detected in these instances to test because ultimately it really does come down to the resolution.


              It's not the most elegant solution but it should work. I did that before just going over to Flash Builder for good. You might want to consider giving it a try. The configurations are in there:


              Flash Builder 4.7 Premium:


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                Arioman Level 1

                so do you recommend that i use Flash Builder Instead of FlashCS6 ?


                is FlashCs6 not suitable for Create android apps ? cause i think testing and app in different resolution must be Base of any software that have Android Export options . can i import Fla project from Cs6 to Flash Builder ?

                it make me cost and take more time to buy and use  a new software

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                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                  As always you can get the 30 day full featured trial and give it a shot. The two products are not the same however.


                  While Flash can produce an app all by itself, it lacks a real coders needs. I work 95% of the time in pure code so I need an excellent full featured coding IDE. Features like refactoring, auto-generation of class methods and properties, quality dependency detection, second to none debugging, profiling, etc. But Flash Builder is just for coding, or visual for the old Adobe Flex 4.6.0 SDK. It has no modern visual interface like Flash. No stage, no timeline. Pure code.


                  Flash has a visual workflow. Rather than writing a ton of code to create a complex object containing many nested DisplayObjects, I use Flash to quickly assemble that. I also use Flash for sophisticated animation that isn't easy to code. I then export these items into a SWC library and bring them into Flash Builder, where from there I only code.


                  As mentioned, Flash Builder also supports Flex, which supports the MXML language. It's a component based architecture you may like. Components have a lot of premade nature to them making it easy to build interfaces quickly. The MXML language is similar to HTML in that tags actually represent components. So instead of ActionScript generating everything on screen you can use a very simple(ish) markup language instead, very similar to HTML.


                  Feel free to give it a try but also note that it will take a good portion of the 30 days to get used to how the interface works. If you already know Eclipse then you'll already be at home in Flash Builder. It's built directly on Eclipse.

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                    Arioman Level 1

                    thanks you so much for this perfect explanation about Flash , Flex and Flash Builder


                    i will give a try and sure that`s what i need

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                      sinious Most Valuable Participant

                      Once you get a project started and see how it lays it out, then start coding, you'll notice the difference right away.


                      You're welcome and good luck!