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    Datagrid data refresh delay

      I am creating a xml file with php/MySQL backend..and I'm using flex2 datagrid for displaying the xml file. Issue I am having is when I update the database with new data..and generate a new xml file using php...its takes about a minute or more for the datagrid to update. Hitting the browser refresh button or anything else does not seem to help speed up the datagrid from refreshing the data...is it a browser issue or a flex 2 issue? has anyone else seen this and any work around for this issue???

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          Typically the datagrid in a scenario like yours would be updated by a webservice call from the client i.e. from Flex to the server. The datagrid might be bound to the lastResult of a webservice for example, or to a data model, but that will not be updated without calling the webservice itself. Oftentimes you will see this call in a "creationComplete" event. If you want to dynamically update the client when the server changes then you are going to have to take some kind of action on the client, like a timer for example that triggers the webservice that accesses the data.