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    Import Html text and convert to InDesign tags


      Hello everybody,

      The script receives a JSON with text (html markup: headers <h1>, <b></b>, new line characters, ...).

      I have to save the converted text into a temp text file and then do .place() into a text frame. That's the only way it can recognise new tags.



      //text and contentArea are defined previously.
      var convertedText = convertTags(text);
      var convertedTextFile = new File (FILE_PATH + "/Temp/convertedTextFile.txt");
      function convertTags(htmlTaggedText){               
           var inDesignTaggedText = "<ASCII-MAC>\n" + htmlTaggedText.replace("<h1>", "<ParaStyle:Heading 1>").replace("</h1>", "");
           return inDesignTaggedText;



      General question is, whether there is any more elegant solution to this?


      Thanks in advance