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    Multiple Bindings error

      I have created multiple ArrayCollections as seen in the code below. They are public vars. I use the ArrayCollections as bindable data for datagrids and text fields throughout the program.

      public var categories:ArrayCollection=new ArrayCollection
      public var targetGridData:ArrayCollection=new ArrayCollection
      public var targetGridArray:ArrayCollection=new ArrayCollection

      Why does the binding only work on the var categories in the above code (first var created)? I thought that the Bindable would apply to any public var created below it? In addition, when I try and add [Bindable] below the categories to create the next one as Bindable as well it throws an error "Access of undefined property Bindable" From documentation I see plenty of examples of using the [Bindable] multiple times in an mxml file.

      Thanks in advance for any help!