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    Edge animate banners load time

    Guy Lev

      Hi there.

      I just finished teaching Edge animate in a very big company in Israel.

      They have something like hundreds of thousands banners around the internet every day...

      But now they are facing an issue of very long upload time for each banner.


      " The problem is that the upload time for the banner is simply too long. In the mobile banners field we have exactly 5 seconds (max) of impression time to display the banner. By the time the banner finishes to upload all the external js files (edgepreload.js, actions etc.)

      the user is long gone.  "


      I'm looking for an expert that can help them get this solved.

      Where can i find one like that?



      Guy Lev

      Israel AGM

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          Vinod Menon@Adobe Adobe Employee

          Hi Guy,

          Have you done any profiling of the content? Are you sure that download time is more because the js file download or is it because of asset download (like images,etc.)?




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            sarhunt Adobe Employee

            Hey Israel,


            There's a few things you can try here;

            • If you have duplicate assets, fonts or JS libraries you can try consolidating these to a single source to avoid multiple downloads. Check out this blog post which explains how to do with with a little technical know-how
            • Right now it's a bit of a manual process, but you can try consolidating your image files into a single image sheet and use cropping to trim down around the images you want. This will reduce the number of HTTP requests and reduce the overall download size of your package.
            • The payload of your AN project is largely dictated by the size of your images. Make sure to check the size of your images, reduce where you can and maybe try using something like TinyPing to strip out unneeded data
            • This would require a developer fluent in JavaScript, but we've seen ad agencies have success in downloading the unminified version of the AN runtime so they can strip away any of the code they don't need. If you're feeling intrepid you can grab that here.



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