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    Object data type

      I ve created a variable that contains an array. Each array element is a generic object that further contains an array n that array again contains a generic object whith .x and .y properties.. Now i wanted this to pass to the asp. the problem is that i cant extract the .x and .y values frm the variable passed in asp.. Please tell me what to do so that i can get the values ....thnx in advance
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          You can't just pass a Flash array to ASP like that. If you use remoting, you
          can do things like that - but I've only used AMFPHP which is a remoting
          gateway for PHP. Not sure of one for ASP... Without remoting, Flash passes
          your variables just like a form would - using POST. You'll need to serialize
          your array into name/value pairs and pass those instead. Not trivial with
          nested arrays like you have. I just did a Google search on 'flash remoting
          asp' and found quite a bit of info - so I'd suggest you look into that. Once
          you get remoting figured out you will never go back to the old-school way of
          getting and sending name/value pairs.

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