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    What do I need to upgrade to be able to edit 10 cameras at once?


      I do video editing for live events and I need to be able to edit 10 cameras at once.



      My system that I put together 2 years ago has a 3.4 ghz Ivy bridge i7, 32 gb ram and a 2gb video card. When I do multi camera edits in adobe premiere, I can only do 3 or 4 at a time fluidly, using the multi camera monitor but when i try 5 or more, it doesn't really play. The audio plays fine but the video is just a frame every couple seconds.



      I've tried editing on an internal WD black hard drive which is 7,200 rpm but i've found that i get the same results editing on a WD my book (which is a WD Green hard drive running at 5,400 rpm) over usb 3.0.



      What do I need to upgrade to be able to play all 10 cameras at once? A top-tier video card? which one? Do i need a raid setup over esata? Is what I'm asking to do even possible or does premiere not even support that?






      My specs:





      Video card


      Ram (32gb total)