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    Cutting audio clips in PE 12

    AZ Aurora

      Once again I am used to PE 8 and now working with PE 12 and I am adding my audio files. I have my video and audio unlinked and am trying to cut my audio file. I can get it to cut, I want it to cut off the first portion of the file, and it is at the start of my project. However when I do a "delete and fill the gap" it just deletes it and does not move it to the beginning of the project line. If I try to drag it over with the red bracket handle it will do that but it drags over the entire file like it has never been cut. What am I doing wrong? Thanks


      PS Also I am used to "fade in and fade out", what happened to that, where is it and if it is not there how can I get the same effect?  Thanks

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          To slice your clip, positing the CTI playhead where you want the slice to happen and then click on the little scissors icon on the CTI.


          To delete a slice portion, ensure that only the portion of the clip you want to delete is selected and press the delete button on your keyboard.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Fade ins and Fade outs are added by right-clicking on a clip and then selecting the Fade option you want to apply.


            Have you checked out my free 8 part Basic Training tutorials for Premiere Elements 12? They may help you through these kinds of very basic things.

            Premiere Elements Basic Training

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              AZ Aurora Level 1



              Okay I did my own work around for moving my music clip, I cut it just like I have always done, but since it would not move without adding what I just had cut, I did a copy of the portion that I wanted, than did a "cut" and pasted it into position.


              I realize that some of the questions that I have asked are basic, but when functions are moved to a totally different position with the revision/update they are sometimes overlooked. I was concentrating on trying to unlink my video and audio, and cutting and deleting along with filling the gap that I merely overlooked the fade feature. Thanks for pointing it out for me, some things with the change have disappeared and was glad to see that it was right there, but it just had moved "down the block", so to speak. Thanks again for all of your help and will mark this as answered.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7

                AZ Aurora


                Just getting back from a few days away on business and saw your thread.


                You have run into the major workspace changes going from versions earlier than 11 to version 12. The principles will remain the same, but it is those features and their locations that got moved or discontinued.


                With regard to the Delete Close Gap matter, please review the following blog post which describes some Timeline behavior that was unexpected with regard to Delete Close Gap, at least to me.


                Please let us know if any of that applies to the situation that you found yourself in.

                I found this to happen in version 11 and 12. I have yet to look at this Delete Close Gap behavior in versions of Premiere Elements earlier than 11.


                Best wishes



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                  AZ Aurora Level 1

                  Thanks for responding I have always appreciated your help in the past.


                  In reading your response to the Delete Close Gap matter In went into the BlogSpot, and it does not appear like there is a "fix" for this issue, is Adobe doing anything about this problem, as in the form of an update? What I have finally had to do is just do a "cut and paste" to fill the gap. It would be much easier if the control worked but since it doesn't have become innovative. I have another issue and will post that in a separate discussion shortly. Thanks for your help.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7

                    AZ Aurora


                    I do not believe that Adobe is doing anything about the Delete and Close Gap matter that I focused on in my blog post.


                    Premiere Elements 12 works from a 12.1 Update version as of about March 2014. Even though it does not address the Delete and Close Gap Issue, it is a good idea to update 12 to 12.1 if you have not already. The route is via the Help Menu/Update of the opened project.


                    One of the things that the 12.1 Update did correct was the Text Styles issue that existed in the Expert workspace but not the Quick workspace.

                    ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12: 12.1 Update Released


                    I just replied to your Movie Menu questions in your other thread. I will be watching for further developments on that in your other thread.