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      I am a beginner in the use of Captivate.....

      I have a project which consists of 10 sub projects, most slides have got audio on them. Note that every sub project has a slide with buttons that go directly to certain slides within that specific sub project. Most audio has been recorded separately and imported into the project (due to problems with my headset which has now been sorted). One sub project has got some of the audio directly recorded within Captivate, however when I click the button on slide 1 which for example would take me to slide 35 it takes several seconds to first of all display the slide and then when it does start, skips the first part of the audio. Help this is frustrating! Hope this makes sense....
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          Hi there,

          I would suggest you try moving the audio on the Timeline to the 0.5s marker or maybe even the 1.0 s marker. I have been this numerous times and moving the audio so that it starts a little later has always done the trick for me.