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    After Effects + Cinema 4D speed issues

    Creative_Raul Level 1

      I have an 8-core MacPro with 32 GB of Ram and the dual 6GB video cards. I've set up multiprocessing with the latest version of After Effects (CC). I have set up the Ram allocation per bg CPU to 1.5 to get 14 cpu. I have reserved 8 GB for the os and other applications.


      I've noticed that AE is not fully tapping the processors with the multiprocessing option. I am working on a project which I've incorporated Cinema4D elements and I have noticed that multiprocessing with Cineware is none existent. When Cineware is called up for Cinema4D elements in the comp the Cineware just does its thing at a quicker of the speed it would have been rendered from Cinema4D.


      Is everyone else at the same cross roads with AE and its lack of optimization with Multiprocessing and Cineware? I find this ridiculous having seen how much faster Cinema4D is with rendering on the latest MacPro and After Effects not utilizing the processing power like Cinema4D has.


      Is there any recommended way to work around this while Adobe drags their feet on the matter.