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    Can't install server update - service hangs on stopping in Windows 08 R2


      So we have had problems stopping the CF App Server service in Windows.  Admittedly, this fails from GUI, Command Line, etc even logged in as Local Administrator.  The service hangs on stopping and eventually after about 10 minutes you can "refresh" (in the GUI) and see that it has finally stopped.  It is taking so long, however, that the patching fails for the update so we don't know how to get the Server update applied.


      Like I stated, this happens from GUI or command line whether patching or not - any simple attempt to stop/restart the CF App Server service will just hang and will eventually stop - just not very quickly.  (and not quick enough for the server update to successfully complete).



      Any ideas?  Any help/workaround to get the server update applied would be appreciated....