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    Colors in Photoshop (and Illustrator) are really off.

    oweniverson Level 1

      the biggest thing i noticed was that my greys were more brown than anything.  I've included a sample pic that might show better the things i'm referring to.


      so in the color selector dialog, the whole left side (white to black) is all tinted brown, like a sepia. this occurs in both Photoshop CC 64 and Illustrator CC.  other applications like Paint.net, regular Paint, and GIMP show the normal white to black gradation with all the normal greys, so i know the monitor is displaying fine.  i assume it's a color profile that i have to set or adjust somewhere, but the weird thing is that in Illustrator's color selection dialog, the square preview swatch of the color seems accurate and does NOT match what i see in the actual color "wheel".  In Photoshop, the square swatch DOES match the color wheel, and both are incorrect.  and weird, uploading the image to the forum here, the colors are equally screwed up (EDIT: once i hit "post" the posted images shows the blue color like it should).  i'm going to try hosting this somewhere else and linking to it.


      maybe someone could just check out the color 4252e8 and see if it's a periwinkle-type blue or a plumb-y purple.

      Photoshop Color Comparison.jpg

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The difference may be your display profile being used in a color-managed app like Adobe products vs a browser or other application that isn't color-managed.


          There may be a problem with your display profile or the white-point of the profile is very much different than what your monitor is currently set to.


          Have you calibrated your display with a hardware calibrator?

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            oweniverson Level 1

            that's what i figured (no i haven't used a hardware calibration tool) and seeing your confirmation i took another look and realized that "Color Settings" isn't listed under "Preferences" where i was looking but is its own separate menu / dialog.


            so yeah, i just made the adjustment and it seems fine now.


            thanks for the tip, next time i'll look harder

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              D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Made what adjustment exactly?


              Your problem is a bad display profile. The other applications aren't color managed and don't use the profile at all, so they're unaffected.


              The way to fix that is to use a calibrator to make a new profile, but since you don't have one use sRGB. Set the profile in Control Panel > Color Management > Devices:




              Relaunch PS/Ai so that they can pick up the correct profile at startup.