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    InDesign CC data merge is slow and crashes


      Is there a way to create a data merge in Indesign for a large number of records, and not have it freeze?  I am on PC, using a new computer. I tried reducing the data source to just 6 columns and 5 rows as a test, but it still got hung up. I tried unchecking create overset, and I also tried creating merge to pdf, and .indd. So far any merge I have tried/tested has been unsucessful.


      the client wants serial numbers on a small sticker like product to place on their inventory.


      4000 serial numbers, 6 times each, and I set up a file with 300 per sheet


      Is this possible, or will another program handle this?  OR Is there a script, OR am I doomed to to input the serial numbers myself, with the copy/paste and find/replace as my new best friend?


      The numbers are not in numerical order, a typical number is WFC100652.