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    combo-box format static

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      I tryed posting this question before with no success, so I thought I would

      i am using a combo box component (using flash mx 2004 pro) and have been
      able to customize the fonts, colour, etc. of the list once the user clicks
      on the combo box, but can not figure out how to make the initial combox
      box text use the embedded font. Any suggestions?

      You can see the combo box in question at :

      thank you
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          _global.style.setStyle("color", 0x0000FF);
          _global.style.setStyle("themeColor", 0xFFCC00);
          _global.style.setStyle("fontFamily" , "Century Gothic");
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            Thanks, that worked great! one more quick question, is there a way to
            actionscript the component so that the comboc box doesn't have rounded
            corners when it's not selected?

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            > _global.style.setStyle("color", 0x0000FF);
            > _global.style.setStyle("themeColor", 0xFFCC00);
            > _global.style.setStyle("fontSize",12);
            > _global.style.setStyle("fontFamily" , "Century Gothic");