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    tempInit error

    Charine -FB buggoop

      I'm importing vector images from illustrator into flash to make new movie clips. I took care to name my mc´s correctly, but made the mistake to have naming errors in the symbols that I have created in illustrator.


      When I test is swf I get tempInit syntax errors. I know it is the illustrator symbols that causes it because when I delete the two symbols, the error message goes away.


      I tried to edit the mc's in which the symbols appear by replacing the symbol inside the mc with just a normal drawing object and even  by deleting all the content in the mc, but it still shows the error message. It is as if I can't overcome the problem except for deleting the entire mc. The thing is, I use the mc in an animation in many frames and I do not know what to do to replace the mc with a fresh illustrator symbol free one.


      Each leaf is an instance of this leaf_mc, contained in a combinedLeaf_mc which appears in the settingMenu_mc, which animates over 48 frames (right now of cause, it loops all the time because of the syntex error)


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          what naming errors?

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            Charine -FB buggoop Level 1

            Hi kglad nice to hear from you!

            I called the symbol in flash Fern Leaf, with the space.

            I didn't anticipate using the illustrator file, just a png or jpeg, but then realized that I can still have the advantages of vector images and a lower file size if I use the illustrator files this time.


            I discovered the problem by deleting each image one by one in flash until I got the one that causes the error. I went back to the illustrator file and broke the link to the symbol. I copied the vector objects. Then in flash I clicked edit to edit the erroneous mc, I deleted the previous illustrator symbol and I pasted the objects I got from illustrator. The mc is now called leaf, but the same mc is still causing the problem - even if I delete the entire content of the mc and it is completely empty it still shows the error.


            Should I just scrap the entire settings menu and start over?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              hi charine!


              i didn't check your name when i responded and didn't realize it was you.


              do the imported symbols use 'instance names' (ie, the name in the properties panel) from illustrator?

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                Charine -FB buggoop Level 1

                Your question made me look at the instance names a little closer. Although the single leaf has the name of leaf_mc, in the combined mc it has a name (e.g. FernLeaf) and then says instance of leaf_mc. I´ll look at all the names of the mc that contains the leaf_mc clip and see if I can find the problem there.


                The particular one below looks correct, but I'll check the other 17 too. Also although main layers in Illustrator were retained in Flash, there were sub-layers and groups that didn´t show up. They were named 1stTier, 2ndTier, 3rdTier etc. I think this causes the first error below, but I´ll try and solve that when I've solved the line 6 one.


                In the future I´ll take care with my naming conventions is illustrator too.


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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  well, i'm not sure you have a naming problem.  but, if you do, that's where it would be located, not in the library panel.


                  you may just have a corrupted graphic.

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                    Charine -FB buggoop Level 1

                    Yip corrupted graphic. I'll try swapping it out and see if I can save myself some work that way.


                    Thanks for your help. I'll definitely contact you again when the coding gets to hard for me - if you have time of cause!


                    Have a great day


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                      kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      you're welcome.