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    Display a timer for show preview APE11

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      I am part of a video production club and before a program goes on the air the group previews it. Some of the editors, using other software, are able to display a timer on the preview copy. This is very handy when you can say, fix the jump shot at 21:13 or use a reaction shot at 18:45.


      Can that be done in Premier Elements or is there an app that I can download to do it?


      Thanks folks.


      Cheers and Peace! Phil

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Please take a look at DVDate plug-in.



          This is not the same as DVDate utility.


          My recollection is that the DVDate plug-in should work with Premiere Elements 11 Windows. I am almost sure I downloaded it, tried it out for someone here, and wrote the results in a thread. I will do some searching to see if I can find that "recollection". If not, I will download the DV Date plug-in and post the details in your thread.


          More later.



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            The rest of the story. I just downloaded the DVdate plug-in. Road tested 10, 11, or 12 Premiere Elements with Windows 7 64 bit).


            Download DVdate plug-in from link given in post 1.


            It is a bit of a detour for 11 and 12, but...


            Double click the downloaded DVdateSetup.exe to start its installation.

            When you get to the dialog for selection the destination, select

            Target Application

            "Adobe Premiere Elements 10.0, 11.0 (64 bit)

            and, below that, for Folder accept

            "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Elements 10\Plug-ins\en_US)"


            This will put the plug-in in the version 10 location. After the installation is successful in 10, then I copied the DVdate Folder in the 10 en_US Folder and pasted it in the comparable location for versions 11 and 12.


            In versions 11 and 12, the DVdate plug-in is found in Expert workspace/fx Effects Tab/Video/DVdate. After you drag the effect into the clip, you edit the effect via Applied Effects/Applied Effects Palette/DVdate Panel. In the DVdate Panel is a Setup icon. Click on that for the complete setup.


            Version 10, its Edit Header/Effects/Video Effects/Video/DVdate. And, then Edit Effects for the Properties Palette and its DVdate Panel with the Setup icon.


            Please let us know if that is what you sought and if it works for you.





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              Phil.com Level 1

              It worked very well. It loaded automatically into 10 or 11, I did not have to move it. It is under Effects Video. First I selected all the clips in the show and applied it, bad move, you have to remove it by hand from each clip or ctrl Z and a few other things I did not understand. What I did was put in a title on the top track, dragged it the length of the program and dropped in the effect. Bingo! Then I fiddled round with all the settings to get it just right. There is a more information button which helps. To remove it for the final showing I just delete that title track.


              Thanks again for all you details and your time.


              Cheers and Peace!  Phil

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Glad that worked for you, and pleased at the way that you customized it to what you were seeking. Great job.


                And, the details were much appreciated, and they will be helpful to all.