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    Can't install any updates in CS5


      I am running CS5 and none of the updates will install.  I get the message, "There was an error downloading this update. Please quit and try again later." from every program.

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          I have the exact same problem with CS5.  It seems to download the updates but fails to install them.  Does anyone have a possible solution?

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            Ashutosh Nigam Adobe Employee

            Please provide us with the following logs:

            You can find them at:

            Installer logs

            For Mac:


            For Win:

            Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Installers

            AAM logs

            For Mac:

            /Volumes/%Volume Name%/Users/%Username%/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdater/1.0

            For Win:


            You can zip all the files together and send us through mail. This would help us in finding the root cause.

            Appreciate your help. Apologize for the inconvenience.