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    Help with a program book ad page




      I have finished creating an ad for a program book and I cannot get it to either print right or when I did get it to do right I now have a right margin going into the crease and I have my ad going over the 1/4 margins on the bottom.


      First I set up a 8.5 in by 5.5 in page size (size of program book) because I am only going to be using 1/2 of that page for my ad. I finished my design, then printed it out. My design came out landscape on the page, rather than upright portrait on the page. Obviously I think Im getting its because of the way it wants to print it.  There are not many choices given in the print options for telling it to print a certain way (at least I cant find it).


      Now, after messing with that a few times, I somehow finally got it to print at the top left of my paper (it actually doesnt matter if its at the top or bottom).  When I fold it to 8.5 in x 5.5 in and fold the book in half I can see its not set up correct.  I am not sure if its on my end or if its the printer again.  The right margin runs into the spine of my paper (or crease) and the bottom of my ad has run over the middle crease. My left margin is at least 1/2" away from the left edge of my paper. I need my ad to be 1/2 the page of a 8.5in x 5.5 in page. The ad's are sold as a full page or 1/2 page.


      My page set up is as a document.  Its set as Page Size: Letter - 1/2 (I did not set this?), width 5.5 in and height 8.5 in, orientation is Portrait. I do have a bleed, but I dont need it and ignore it.  Ive started my ad at the top Margin lines, but I made ad short of the right margin, so as to leave room near the inside crease where it would be stapled. I did not set up these margin lines and not sure how to change it. When I added my background artwork, I pulled it down till it turned PINK so that I would know where the middle of the page is. But my ad prints over this.


      I am needing this ad to be at least 1/2" away from the top, left and right margin of the page and pretty close to the 1/2 page mark, but not over.  Do i make sense?


      Now, just a little back ground. Ive designed program books in the past using Publisher.  I designed a whole program book, cover to cover and I had very little issues doing it.  Now I am using InDesign for the first time to do this and struggling a bit here.  The printing of stuff from ID is also driving me nuts. Im not liking the way ID prints and if I tell my Epson printer how to print, it doesnt work and continues to give me crappy outputs.


      Any help would be appreciated.  I need to turn this in tonight, but i cant turn in a camera ready printout if its not printing out correctly.


      Thank you,



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          Migintosh Level 4

          You should set your document size to the finished size of the piece, so Letter - Half should be fine. Here's a mock-up with some placeholder text:

          Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.25.10 AM.png

          As far as printing it goes, do you want it to print on the right side of a landscape letter-sized page, like this:

          Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 4.24.35 AM.png

          If so, make a new letter-sized landscape document and place the InDesign file of your cover onto the page and position it where you want. It should print that way, but you should not expect the printer to print the exact positioning that you think it should. With most printers, the image will drift a bit one way or another by a small amount, even from one copy to another of the same page. Not as much as you have described, but the more white space you have between the image area and the boundaries of the page (including the spine) the less noticeable it will be.


          Try what I have suggested and see if it is better. If not, come back and tell us what happened and maybe we can help.

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            NeverWasBefore Level 1

            Thank you.  It finally printed correctly. My set up was exactly as you described here.  I didnt do the landscape document as you suggested, but when I went to print I changed the setup to show the orientation as landscape and I made sure the image was on a top corner. I also adjusted my background layer a bit shy of the middle of the page so it would not run over the middle like it did before.


            I do have a lot of issues with printing things from ID though.  I cant get two images to print on one page, no matter what I do and I feel I have limited ability to tell it how I need it to print.  In any case, that a different and I'll address that when I have more time. 


            Thanks again,  its appreciated.



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              I have a printer that won't print from InDesign, so everything I need to print has to be exported to PDF, and it's the PDF that I print from. You may want to try this too.

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                NeverWasBefore Level 1

                Thank you!  I'll try that.

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                  NeverWasBefore Level 1

                  I printed this out just to be sure its placing correctly on the page and it is.  Now I am confident its ready to go.


                  Question:  Now I need to get a copy of it to someone.  What is the best way to get this to them...Should I print it out and submit the printed copy or provide them a PDF file and let them print it out?


                  Background Info: This ad is for a recital program book.  The person making the program is probably using Publisher (doubtful) or another cheap desktop publishing program (most likely). This person is by no means knowledgeable about desktop publishing, design, page set up, and the list goes on (just imagine someone throwing stuff on pages without regards to page layout, alignment, color, proper photo size, text placement and use of tacky clip art).  Im actually really afraid that once my ad is submitted, in the end, it wont be presented correctly in the program book.


                  So, whatever is the easiest way for her to get this ad, so that she doesnt somehow mess it up.  My thought was to get her a printout of it (several) and allow her to use my sheet to print the other ad's on it and use that as the master page.  I believe she will print this all out and copy the program at home (she doesnt use a copy shop).



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                    Migintosh Level 4

                    NeverWasBefore wrote:


                    So, whatever is the easiest way for her to get this ad, so that she doesnt somehow mess it up.

                    You really can't control for that. If she doesn't know what she's doing, you could send her a technician with a brand new printer, and she could do it wrong. The best you can do is to communicate to her what you intend, and hope she can pull it off. I'd send a PDF set to the final size with the margins, and one without the margins. When she opens them, she will see something like this:

                    Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.12.59 AM.png

                    This is a screenshot from Acrobat showing the white document size against the black background that represents what is outside of the document. You can see the amount of white space that surrounds the image area (the placeholder type), so you know how much border you intended.


                    Now, your InDesign document is half-letter size (5.5x8.5). If you subtract the amount of margin you used (in my example, I used .5" on all sides), you have the size of the image area (my example has a 4.5x7.5 image area). You can make a new InDesign document the size of your image area (4.5x7.5) and place the PDF that has the margins (like in the screenshot above) onto the page and position it so that the image area lines up with the document page borders, as you can see in this screenshot:

                    Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.16.33 AM.png

                    You can see the blue InDesign image frame with the handles, which is the size of the half-letter PDF, and the image area contained within the document border, which is the black stroke that you normally see in InDesign. Don't worry about the magenta inner margin—that could be set to anything, and isn't in play here. In order to position the placed PDF into the new 4.5x7.5 InDesign document, when you place the PDF, check the Show Import Options box in the Place window. that will bring up a new screen after you select which image you are placing and you hit the OK button. The screen looks like this:

                    Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.29.17 AM.png

                    In the Options section, change the Crop to from Bounding Box (Visible Layers only) (which should be the default choice) to Art, and you will see the dotted line that represents the size of the image change to include the margins.

                    Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.31.00 AM.png

                    Now, when you place the image, just set the position proxy (which looks like this: Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.33.55 AM.png) to the top left corner and in the X and Y fields, enter the negative of the amount of margin you have. Since I used .5" margins, I set X and Y to -.5" each, and that aligned the image area of the larger PDF to the document borders of the smaller InDesign document. You could just eyeball it in if you want, but this way you can be a little more sure you aren't cutting off a hair of some of your image area.


                    If you export that document to PDF, it will look like this:

                    Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 12.16.54 AM.png

                    …which the person who will be putting this together will probably use, since it will be easier to place into something like Publisher or Word because it is smaller than a half page (an image that is larger than the document will probably be reduced in size to fit automatically—something that Word does, and maybe Publisher does that too, but I don't use Publisher so I don't know). How She positions it within the page is up to her, and not something you can control unless you are in the room with her, so it's a crapshoot. She could also use the PDF with the margins if it works better for her, but all you can do is explain to her what you are sending and what you would like.

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                      NeverWasBefore Level 1

                      I actually submitted the PDF to her last night.  I will try your instructions on the next ad Im working on.  I just did a PDF test print and the ad came out in the middle (center) of my landscape paper, not exactly what I wanted.  And if she prints this out, this will be her result as well. I did tell her that I would drop a few hard copies of my ad to her today (because I want her to see my end result). If I leave her with just a PDF, Im sure she will end up cutting my ad out (physically) and gluing it to a page.  lol  Im not sure she will really do this, but Im pretty sure she wont know what to do if it doesnt print out correctly.


                      So, for now, Im going to give her hard copies and she can use those to print her work on and use my page as a Master for printing.


                      Thank you for all your help, its appreciated.



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                        i am trying to create a simple 1/4 page ad for a church book. I bought a vector esp image to put my ad on. The online co that I purchased the image from said Ai was the best way to work with the file since I needed to resize it. I've never worked with this program before & I'm so lost on getting the image to 1/4 of the page to even start placing the text on it. Can anyone help me?

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          If you don't need to edit the imagery, Place the graphic (File > Place...) and then you can scale it in InDesign. Add the text on top in InDesign.

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                            alicial4484 Level 1

                            I'm so sorry but could you explain? I have no idea what any of that is. I thought I could just navagate through it to figure it out but I'm not familiar with design, graphics, or the programs at all.

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                              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              I'd suggest getting this excellent book for beginners. There is too much to cover to do it as answers on a forum:


                              InDesign CC: Visual QuickStart Guide (2014 release)


                              The book covers graphics step-by-step with lots of illustrations. It's the best of its kind.

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                                alicial4484 Level 1

                                Ok I'll try that. Thank you.

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                                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  Start with the book. If you still have other questions, come back here and ask. Good luck!