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    Changes in Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager are not stored


      Flash Player installs fine. Lastest version:

      Windows 7.

      Problem is seen with Firefox, Waterfox, Palemoon and Internet Explorer (64-bit).

      Actually, the problem is probably not related to the browser.


      Problem: websites that use the Flash Player to play videos do not retain changes in the volume.

      Upon inspection, it seems that:

      1) The amount of storage allowed for websites is set to 0.

      2) When trying to change this setting, it seems impossible to change the setting.


      I use this webpage:


      The second tab is called "global storage settings panel".

      The amount of diskspace allowed is set to "None".

      When I move the slider, I can move the slider.

      When I click another tab, and then click the storage settings panel again, the value is reset to "None" again.

      This also happens why I try to change the notification settings, or any other setting in one of those tabs.

      The changes just don't seem to stick.


      I have uninstalled Flash Player, and re-installed it. Didn't solve the problem.

      I've done the same with Flash Player for Internet Explorer, and tested that. No difference. The changes still do not stick.


      I have uninstalled the Flash Player(s).

      I then deleted the %appdata%\Adobe and %appdata\MacroMedia folders.

      I then reinstalled the Flash Player. No success.


      I have used the windows-control-panel "Flash Player (32-bit)".

      The name confuses me a little, because my OS (Win7) is 64-bit. And most of my browsers (Palemoon, Waterfox and IE-64bit) are all 64-bit.

      Testing with the settings in the control panel does not solve the problem.


      I have ran the reset_fp11.bat script, which uses the subinacl tool to fix file permissions.

      Taken from this page: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/987370

      This did not solve the problem.


      My user account has administrator privileges.

      I even downloaded the full file: install_flash_player_13_plugin.exe (17.1MB), so I could started it with "Run as administrator".

      Didn't make a difference.


      My question: where are those settings stored ?

      What could be wrong with my setup ?

      How can I fix the problem. How can I troubleshoot. How can I gather more information.


      Thanks in advance,


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          pwillener Level 8

          grauemaus wrote:


          I have used the windows-control-panel "Flash Player (32-bit)".

          This is the Flash Player Settings Manager.  Because that is a 32-bit applet, Windows adds that confusing "(32-bit)" to the name.  Ignore it.


          The settings are stored in various files in

          • %appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player
          • %appdata\Macromedia\Flash Player

          Deleting these two folders should normally fix the problem, but obviously it did not in your case.


          Actually you have done just about everything I can think of.  My best hope is that someone from the Flash Player team will have a look at this topic.