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    how to autoflow the xml text

    Mani mohan

      how to import xml file into indesign and autoflow the text using javascriprt without template

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          ASHOK KUMAR Level 1



          Please Try this:


          var doc = app.documents.add();

          var xmlRoot = doc.xmlElements.item(0);

          xmlRoot.markupTag.name = "properties";

          with (doc.xmlImportPreferences){

            importToSelected = false;

            importStyle = XMLImportStyles.mergeImport;

            createLinkToXML = false;

            allowTransform = false;

            repeatTextElements = true;

            ignoreUnmatchedIncoming = false;

            importTextIntoTables = false;

            ignoreWhitespace = true;

            removeUnmatchedExisting = false;

            importCALSTables = true;


          xmlRoot.importXML(File(Folder.desktop + "/sample.xml"));

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            Mani mohan Level 1

            hi Ashok,


            thanks for giving the answer but xml file is imported the text is not autoflow in the document.