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    Create Connection Issue

      1st, I am new to website maintenance, so be nice ;-)
      We did not build the website but use Contribute to edit. Sometimes when I go into Contribute to make changes I get a message saying that I need to create a connection, I can not edit the page. Since I'm new to this, my only work around has been to close Contribute, re-open it and the create connection message is gone. But I recently added a page, linked to it, and everything worked great (I was very proud of myself). Now when I go to that same page to make a few minor changes, I get the create a connection message and closing Contribute and restarting does not work. I have gone through the first few steps to creating a connection but then I get a message that says:
      " http://www.blahblah.com/blah.html/ is a child website of your existing connection to http://ftp.blahblah.com Note: Your new website will have its own user and role settings. It's settings are not affected by http://ftp.blahblah.com" This scares me!
      I thought maybe it was because in the create connection steps I entered the page that I was having problems with and not the home page for the website, but if I enter the home page I get a completely different error message.
      I have tried contacting the designers of the website (who recommended Contribute, BTW) and their suggestion was that I should go to a Contribute training class, because they can not help with that program because they do not use it. I do intend on taking a training class, but it is not for another month and I need to edit this page now.
      I know I am rambling - completely out of frustration - but if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know.
      Thank you!