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    call all instances of a symbol




      i need to place 10 different kinds of symbols, a hundred times each on my stage. Theses symbols have the same shape, but different colors. I need to filter them out in a tiny top-menu.

      So, if i click e.g. on a red circle, i want all non red symbols to set there opacity to 0.5.

      It could be simple if i place all red symbols into a container "$color-symbols" and set the opacity to them. But that is not possible, because I need to place each symbol manually. And if they are childs of another symbol, drag and drop is horrible.

      Now i am wondering if it is possible to call all symbols on stage that are instances of a symbol in my library.


      And is there a nice way to call "all-other-colors" instead of







      on every button on stage?

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can give them a class and use a for loop

          for example

          supposing your elements are incrementing element0, element1, etc/ ortherwise make an array with their names and use the array in the names  var elements = ['name', mane2','othername'];   use  sym.$(elements[i]) below.

          for (i=0;i<10;i++){




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            MacBookPro_d_1 Level 1

            Thanks for your help,


            i use the classes to specify a target url for each symbol.

            For Example:

            I have three red symbols and three blue symbols.

            The classes for the red-ones are:

            33451, 56789 and 45678

            for the blue ones:

            983, 4, 1002


            Inside of my symbols i have a script:


            var names = (e.target.id).split("_");

            var page = names[2];

            var link = "http://www.url.no/subpage/"+page;

            window.open(link, "_self");


            If i find another way to put a specific ID (and it must be a number) on to each Instance, i could use the way you describe.


            Because your idea is to use the class-names, there is no way to call all instances of a given symbol?


            Is it possible to use wildcards for my array?

            So i could name them "red-33451#1", "red-56789#2", "red-45678#3". And cut out everything between "-" and "#".

            But remember that i need to place a few hundreds of them, which isn't fun. And if i need to insert one later or if i delete another one, i need to verify all my functions.

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              MacBookPro_d_1 Level 1

              What if i have a function inside of each symbol ("want-be-seen").

              Is ist possible to fire a global trigger, that starts this function, wherever it will be?

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                resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Well, if you want to use a global function that might work but I am not sure. You can test it I guess. Also, you can have several classes on elements separated by a space. So I imagine you could still use a class do do what you want.

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