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    After Effects not importing XDCAM mp4 files


      Hi, I have an issue similar to this thread from 2012 -

      After Effects CS6 no longer reads my XDCam files


      I've been working with Sony EX1 footage in AE CS6 for over a year, mostly through Dynamic Linking from Premiere Pro. Recently I installed software that recommended that K-Lite codec pack be installed alongside it, and stupidly I went for that. I found this thread: Why can't my After Effects import .MP4 XDCAM files ???, which confirmed my suspicion about K-Lite having broken After Effects in some way. Shortly afterwards my hard drive crashed and I performed a clean install of Windows and AE + PP CS6, along with Quicktime. The only other thing I've installed on this machine is Google Chrome. The fresh install of AE CS6 still doesn't read XDCAM mp4 files, even after an update to

      So basically, I have a fresh install of Windows 7 only After Effects CS6, Premiere Pro CS6, Chrome and Quicktime installed, and AE can't deal with my XDCAM footage like it has for just over a year before now. Is there a fix or some official codec to install that would make it support XDCAM mp4 files?