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    bad and slow


      Send Adobe is bad and slow.

      Large files (> 50MB) can not be uploaded (upload is canceled). The duration can not be set.

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          Rave Adobe Employee

          Hi Cinque,


          Please zip the file and retry. I was able to upload a 411MB zip file and send.

          You might also want to check on a different browser or from a faster internet connection and try.




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            Cinque Level 1

            Hello Rave,


            we've tried different browsers and zips but no changes.

            Our internet connections are fast enough (16Mbit/s)

            Send Now works perfect - Send do not!



            Upload with IE 11 (73MB) --> 12 min

            cancelled at the end



            Fehler beim Hochladen der Dateien

            Eine oder mehrere Dateien konnten nicht hochgeladen werden. Versuchen Sie es erneut.



            Same file with the old Send Now --> 12 min



            The new Adobe Send is uncomfortable.