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    2 kinds of Controls for FLVPlayback

    ANDR_ew Level 1

      I'm using a skinned standalone button components with FLVPlayback component from VLF Playback Custom UI tab (Components Pannel)

      I'm setting them in AS:
      display.playPauseButton = playpausebtn;
      display.stopButton = stopbtn;
      display.backButton = backbtn;
      display.forwardButton = forbtn;

      That's OK. That works fine.

      Now I need to use the other skinned instances with other export names and instance names - I'm trying to use:

      display.playPauseButton = playpausebtn2;
      display.stopButton = stopbtn2;
      display.backButton = backbtn2;
      display.forwardButton = forbtn2;

      But that doesn't work - the FLV playback component continues to work with the first button components and doesn't link to the second components.

      How to solve the problem?