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    Wacom stylus on iPad Air w/Reginat display and PS Touch

    ralphjramirez Level 1

      I just purchased an iPad Air w/Retina Display and downloaded 2 Photoshop apps;  PS Touch and PS Express.  Been playing around with PS Touch and having a great deal of enjoyment.  I decided to purchase a stylus for better control.  I looked online to see which was best for the iPad and came up with the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus for iPad Air.  It is due to be delivered today so I have been looking around for documentation on how to set it up since one of the cons of this stylus is the poor setup instructions.  One video I saw went step by step and indicated you must setup the stylus separately for each app.  I went into PS Touch and selected Stylus and the only selections I had were; JaJa Stylus, Pogo Connect Stylus and Jot Touch Stylus.  The Wacom stylus wasn't listed.  This is of course for being able to set pressure sensitivity which I really wanted.  I was surprised that Adobe's recent download didn't support the Wacom.   I have a Wacom Pen Tablet and really love it which also influenced my decision.  Any suggestions on what I should do; return it and purchase a supported stylus or is their another way.


      Any suggestions will be appreciated............Ralph